What is piece art deco waterfall bedroom furniture? As much as the term waterfall furniture sounds foreign to some of us, it is not. In fact, most of us have been using waterfall furniture since time immemorial without even knowing it.

Waterfall furniture is basically a term used to refer to furniture that portrays distinctive features such as rounded or curved edges, hence given the name ‘waterfall’.

Origin of Art Deco Waterfall Bedroom Furniture

Dating its way back in the 1930s and 40s, these works of art were highly recognized as an elegant and incomparable commodity for various markets, owing to its adoption by the french market after the Paris colonial exposition in 1931.

They were mainly bought to be used in bedroom suites, living room and patios in order to enhance your houses appeal.

During the time when this furniture was the order of the day. the intended market of waterfall furniture was the newly weds. Most couples at that time lived in their parents houses due to depression that had engulfed the state and made suites not affordable.

With this in mind, these pieces of art gained sentimental value as people grew attached to them even after the depression had subsided.

Different Types of Waterfall Furniture

The term furniture, as we all know is a combination of various items and equipment placed at different areas of your house. In order to gain a clear understanding of this, a categorical breakdown will do.

Examples of waterfall furniture include:

a) Indoor waterfall: Desks, lighting decor tables,

b) Pond waterfall: Pond waterfall rocks, pond waterfall spillways and filters.

c) Waterfall fountain: Indoor water fountains and table top fountains.

d) Waterfall Faucet: Led waterfall faucet, Tub waterfall faucet and bronze waterfall faucet.

e) Waterfall kits and pumps.

Is it contemporary?

Most waterfall furniture have a vintage or rather classic appeal because they were designed and had their massive productions released in the 1940s. Initially, some waterfall furniture would not have been of appeal to maximalists due to the fact that they are simple in nature.

However, modern waterfall furniture today are presented with fine blends of art decorations based on your choice and preference.

Design features

In order to achieve finesse in the curves of this furniture, plywood is used. This is because plywood is pliable and workable hence you are able to be manipulated without causing breakage and hence wastage.

In addition to that, they possess simple shapes, curves and delicate looking pulls that gives your house the home appeal it deserves. This was however out-shined by newer designs and better materials that came by after world war II, and people were now able to afford more expensive items.

Some of the equipment and furniture that can be made using the ‘waterfall system’ comprise of beds, chest of drawers, dressers, armoire and chifferobe, vanity benches and cedar chests just to mention but a few.

Are they really worth it?

If your looking for furniture in Toronto, perhaps you might ask yourself if it is really worthy to own such an item, especially in these current times. Fashion has evolved and more sophisticated, splendid, creative, easy to use yet robust designs are on the rise.

On the contrary, waterfall furniture is not only a souvenir of the good old days that you can keep in your home, but also are relatively strong and durable if well taken care of.

One aspect to note however is that waterfall furniture do not have frames to support them. Instead, they rely on the strength of the plywood used. Manufactures employ veneer designs coupled up in a process called book-matching.


Contrary to their robust nature and contemporary designs, veneer is damaged by moisture that detaches it from the underlying plywood.

Another great enemy of the veneer is heat from most sources including cigarettes, matches, lighters and hot objects including iron boxes.


This basically implies that this type of furniture is highly sensitive to its surrounding. In order to preserve them, all you have to do is keep them away from these two deteriorating agents.

That will guarantee your antique a long stay in your home and generations to come.


With all these said, you have the basic knowledge of how to handle waterfall furniture upon purchase. They go a long way in helping you decorate your house, and do so at an extremely fair cost.

One thing to put in mind though is how to take care of them because, despite being artistic and fabulous, they respond to our environment in ways not even we can imagine.