When it comes to marketing products and services or even simply bringing your ideas out in the open, nothing beats having your own website established. It gives any type of end product its personality and uniqueness. At first we ask ourselves, can web design be self taught? What I’ve learned from Toronto web design is that generating new traffic relies on the design of your website.

Design v.s. Functionality

People often talk about what is important when building a website. It boils down to design v.s. functionality. Although these two have totally different end goals, it’s very important to consider both when planning your site. While web design gives you the wow factor and the first impression, website functionality keeps your visitors coming back.

Can Web Design Be Self Taught?

As for the question “can web design be self taught,” it highly depends on how eager you are to learn. However, if lack of artistic confidence is what’s keeping you from moving forward, there are a lot of great web design services in the market that can give you expert opinion on the overall design of your site.

If you are up for the challenge, below are some tips on how to attract more unique traffic in by using web design.

Balance: High Resolution & High Speed

High resolution web pages results to great first impressions. One drawback of high resolution pages is that it needs a fast web server. Because this type of web design is hungry for page-load time. Investing in a good web server is key.

Mobile Compatibility: Responsive Web Design

More often than not, people who will be visiting your site use different devices to browse the web. According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now 5.13 billion people with mobile devices worldwide. This means 63.53% of the world’s population have mobile devices. Because of this fact, it is of utmost importance to equip your site with responsive web design.

Typography and Readability

No matter how good your design is, text still rules your website as it provides users with their desired information. Since search engines are very familiar with this data, it becomes an important part of SEO activities. Consider fonts that are easier to read and make proper combinations of typefaces for each design element such as headlines, body, texts, buttons, etc.

Color Pallet and Imagery

Consider having a color pallet which can create a pleasing atmosphere, this leaves a very good impact to your visitors. Enhance user experience by selecting complementary color pallets to give your site a balanced look to your web design. Also, try to avoid using too much colours. 3 or 4 tones for the whole site are ample to give appealing and clear design.


So can web design be self taught? Of course it can! However, I often suggest to hire a trustworthy web design provider for your first time. Simply because they are experts in the industry and you will most definitely learn a lot from them. If you open your mind to what they suggest.