Your website is not just representative of your business it also needs to help you generate business.  If you are putting up a site for the first time or looking at revamping yours then you need a design team that can not only create something that looks good, but helps with SEO and conversions.  Choosing the right web designer who can handle all of that isn’t easy.  Let’s look at what qualities you need to look for in a good designer.

Reputable Service Provider

You need to find a web design team with a good reputation yet one that is still affordable.  You want to speak with them and make sure that they have the experience that you need not just in design but the marketing aspects that go with building a web site.  Ask for references from previous clients to see if they enjoyed the experience and liked the finished product.

An SEO Optimized Sites

A good website is a lead generating machine for most businesses.  If you are a retailer then it serves as another outlet to sell your products.  Whomever you end up working with they need to understand how SEO works and make sure that the back end code is set up in such a way that Google and other search engines understand what your site is all about.  They need to understand how keywords work and how to handle the technical aspects of web design. A website that has been properly set up from the beginning can save your SEO team a ton of time and money.

Keeping You Up to Date with the Build

A good website takes time to build, that being said you as the client should be kept up to date with progress.  Here is how they can do that for you:

  • Wireframe for you how the site might look
  • Work with you to create a design that meets your specifications
  • Help choose a design that works with the functionality that you need
  • Test continuously to make sure it works on all browsers and devices
  • Teach you how to add content and make minor adjustments

The world of web design is completely unregulated and many are of the misguided belief that “you get what you pay for” which isn’t always true.  You can get an affordable website that looks good and works well.  Be wary of anyone trying to charge too much or way too little.  You want someone that understand your vision and can make it happen.