A logo is an important part of your branding process, good logos are immediately recognizable and help to position your brand.  Creating the right logo is harder than you think and when it comes to creating your web presence you should work with a good web design team or graphic designer to get it right.  Here are 4 things that go into making a good logo.


The key to a good logo is understanding what the logo represents, and the only way to do that is through research. Unless you are familiar with the industry you are designing the logo for, you need to look around and learn as much as possible regarding the business and industry. Sometimes research means visiting a company to see how they operate to get an idea of what to capture in the logo, and sometimes it means checking out what other designers have done prior by exploring other logos in the same industry.   Either way, you need a reliable source of inspiration; research.


The design of a logo is crucial. It must reflect the spirit of the business the logo represents. Consider Apple, Microsoft, or Starbucks; these companies’ logos do not necessarily match the products they make. Apple does not sell apples; Microsoft’s logo is a window, but the company does not sell windows; Starbucks’ logo looks more like something you’d expect to find on a seafood product, but the company sells coffee. The main idea is that these logos capture the spirit of the companies they represent.

When it comes to design, consider the spirit of the business.

Here are a few design elements that will help you to capture the spirit of the business in the logo:
• Color
• Typography
• Negative space
• Simplicity and minimal design
• And sometimes, Complexity (the nature of the company is what will ultimately determine whether to go simple or complex)


The reason I started with research is that it is also the key to authenticity; to an original design. Albeit the research process may involve looking at what other designers did before, please, don’t copy another designer’s work. You don’t want to be that kind of designer; be unique.

A good logo is memorable because it is original. When you look at a Mercedes Benz logo, you know what it represents. When you look at Amazon’s logo, you think about online shopping. When you look at Google’s logo, there is no confusion about it – even when cartoons like The Simpsons alter the logo to avoid copyright infringement issues, you still know they are mocking the search engine’s logo.

When it comes to originality, remember: a good logo is unique and memorable.  Here are some tips on making an iconic logo.

Flexibility and Scalability

There is no way you can talk about a good logo design without mentioning scalability, flexibility, or adaptability. The main idea behind these concepts is that a logo is used in various situations or places. A company uses a logo on its main products and various promotional items. A good logo should be scalable such that it can be shrunk and used in a tiny living cell that’s only visible under a microscope, or magnified for use on a space ship large enough to invade and destroy another planet.

When it comes to flexibility and scalability, remember that a good logo should be elastic such that it can be used in a product of any size.