Some websites takes what seems like an eternity to load when you need some information on it now. It is not enough to launch a website, offering your visitors a great “User Experience (UX)” is what matters. So, what is UX Web Design?

User Experience (UX) Web Design focuses on the delivery of a website that is easy to use as a tactic to keep visitors satisfied and loyal too. Repeat visits are never made to websites with poor usability except by compulsion such as applying on a school’s website for admission. Put simply, the interactions visitors make with the website of an organization is what UX Web Design encompasses.

Here are a few things that it deals with:

Strategy and Content

The content of a website is the reason for its visitors. This explains why content development receives so much attention in UX web design. It focuses on the delivery of content using a great product structure. Other responsibilities include competitor as well as customer analysis. For a good user experience, this factor needs to be taken care of.

Execution and Analytics

These are part of the challenging aspects of UX web design. There is no way that visitors can have a wonderful user experience without having the website designed beautifully. For this reason, there has to be harmony between the User Interface designers, Developers and the UX Web Designers. Proper integration is key as these teams work towards the fulfillment of an organization’s goals. As important as UX Web Design is, it cannot stand alone without an input from the other teams.

Wireframing and Prototyping

This is yet another aspect to UX Web Design that needs to be properly executed. It involves development planning of what needs to be achieved with the website among others. This provides a framework for achieving set goals. To achieve set goals, processes will be repeated as a strategy to generate a sequence of outcomes. Wireframing is an important part of the design process because it determines the usability and efficiency of a website. On the other hand, the prototyping process is simply about simulations in order to see how the website will look or work as visitors interface with it.

UX Web Design may be used interchangeably, they are two different things, really. To ensure the usability of a website as well as ensure loyalty, the aspect of UX web design should not be handled with kids gloves.